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1 Amoebopab –   

Action and uses –Amoebopab is very effective herbal compound to cure various digestive disorders. It stimulates agni (digestive fire), improves appetite and bowl movement. 

Doses – one teaspoon (5gm) twice a day after meals. 

Ingredients –         Satpushpa             (Fenaculum vulgarae)

                             Haritaki                 (Terminalia chebula)

                             Hingu                    (Ferula foetida)

                             Kala namak            (Black salt)

                             Isabgol                  (Plantego ovata)

2 Consticure – 

Action and uses – consticure is a safe and effective herbal formulation to relieve from constipation problem. 

Doses – one teaspoon after dinner. 


Haritaki                           (Terminalia chebula)

          Bibhitak                          (Terminalia bellerica)

Amalaki                           (Emblica officinalis)

Java harad                      (Terminalia chebula)

          Indrayana                       (polocynthil)

          Sanaya                          (senna)

          Methika                          (Trigonela)

Saindhava lavana             (rock salt)

          Kala namak                     (black salt)

          Yamani                          (Hyoscyamus niger)

          Satpushpa                     (Fenaculum vulgarae)

Sunthi                           (Zingiber officinale)

Dadima                          (Punica grantum)

          Ela                               (Amomum subllatum) 

 3 Haemoclear      (herbal blood purifier tablets) 

Action and uses – It has very good action on all type of blood and skin disorders. This formulation improves glow and makes skin healthy. It alleviates pitta. 

Doses – two tablets thrice a day with water. 


Nimba                            (Azadirachita indica)

Kalmegha                       (Andrographis peniculata)

Katuki                            (picrorhiza kurroa)

Manjistha                       (Rubia cordifolia)

Khadira                          (Acacia cathechu)

Munditika                       (Shaeranthus indicus)

Sariva                            (Hemidesmus indicus)

Rakta chandana               (pterocarpus santalin)

Palasha                          (Butea monosperma resin)

Purified guggulu               (commiphera mukul)

Processed with nimba and unnab.

4 Fatodim            (Anti – obesity formula) 

Action and uses – 

Helps in natural weight loss and prevents physical weakness. It is very safe to use without any side effects. It also cures kapha disorders and anorexia. The speciality of its action is to maintain and even improve the appetite while removing extra body fat. 

Doses – 3 tablets twice daily with luke warm water before breakfast and dinner. 

Ingredients –

          Shunthi                  (Zingiber officinale)

Musta                    (Cyperus rotundus)

Vaya vidanga          (Embelia ribes)

          Purified guggulu      (Commiphera mukul)

Ativisha                 (Aconitum heterophyllum)

Katuki                   (Picrorhiza kurroa)

Haridra                  (Curcuma longa)

Vacha                   (Acorus calamus)

Chitraka                (Plumbago zeylanica)

Kustha                  (Saussurea lappa)

Chirabilva              (Holoptelea integrifolia)


Processed with Holoptelea integrifolia and Berberis aristata.

5 Diabcare (herbal tablets) 

Action and uses – 

Helps in controlling high blood sugar.

Balances metabolic functions. 

Doses - 4 tablets twice a day before breakfast and dinner. 

Nimboli                 (Azadirachita indica seed)

Babula phalli          (Acacia nilotica fruit)

Sadabahara patra   (Winca rosea)

Karela                   (Momus diachrantia)

Jamuna                 (Syzygium cumini)

Amra                    (Mangifera indica seed)

Sanaya                 (Cassia augustifolia)

Kharenti                (Cida cordifolia)

 Methika                (Trigonela foenumgrieum)

Gudamara             (Gymnema sylvestre)

Bilva patra            (Aegle marmelos)

Haridra                 (Curcumma longa)

Amalaki                (Emblica officinalis) 


Disclaimer: The information presented at this page is not intended to replace the services of a health practitioner licensed in the diagnosis or treatment of illness or disease. Any application of the material in this text is at the reader's discretion and sole responsibility. If you have a persistent medical condition or your symptoms are severe please consult a physician. Statements on this web site about health conditions and remedies have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


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