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About Us - www.pabayurveda.com

PAB GROUP is primarily engaged in the practice and promotion of authentic Ayurveda like manufacturing, treatment, research, education and publication.

1  PAB Pharmaceuticals


An ultra modern G.M.P certified firm manufacturing more than 200 reliable, genuine and authentic Ayurveda formulations adhering to strict quality control.  

W.H.O introduced G.M.P [Good Manufacturing Practices], which has been now adopted by around 200 countries. The GMP attempts to pin point the existing defects in the medicine manufacturing scene and guidelines to produce medicine under strict hygienic conditions. The PAB Pharmaceuticals marches into the future strictly adhering to the directions laid down by GMP for the welfare of the mankind. 

The meteoric rise of PAB is attributed to the following:  

Implementation of modern techniques in the production programmes, introduction of stringent quality control measures, without deviating from old generic methods of production, Employment of technically competent professionals, excellent organizational setup for efficient management, devoted workforce, and support from the Physicians. The vision and the dynamic leadership of Dr. Vishwavasu Gaur Chief physician and Managing Director is steering the unit towards greater heights.


2 PAB Ayurveda clinic & panchakarma research centre -
Offers classical and authentic Ayurveda treatments including Panchakarma. Common ailments are treated effectively using authentic Ayurvedic medicines in the OPD. Chronic ailments like Arthritis, Paralysis, Psoriasis, Skin diseases etc. are managed by giving internal medicines and various therapies like Panchakarma. On an average, a period of three weeks is likely to be required to complete one course. Modality of therapy use to be decided only after examining the patient. Intensive treatment is done by well trained paramedical staff under the supervision of a team of well qualified Ayurveda doctors.


Any Query send me mail : info@pabayurveda.com